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  • Why jMatter Was Chosen for JTS

    jMatter is a software framework that implements the infrastructure of the typical application that requires CRUD (create, read, update and delete), persistence and search. The framework is built around speed and agility for the developer and the end user of the application. An application can be built very quickly with minimal coding, and if needed, […]

  • Why does SAE JAUS Have a Transport Service?

    Many folks have asked about the rationale and purpose of the Transport service within SAE-AS4. This document describes, in detail, the rationale and advantages of separating out transport layer interactions within a well-defined service interface.

  • Managing the Database. How to backup, restore, etc.

    This blog contains instructions on how to clean, rebuild, backup, restore and update the database. Clean: The ant target for this operation is “clean-database”. This operation only cleans the current database. It does not clean a backup of a previous version of the database that may have been created. Rebuild: The ant target for this […]

  • 6/25/12 – Neya Systems Takes Second Place in CANINE Competition

    The team of Neya Systems and Carnegie Mellon University was awarded second place in the 2012 Robotics Rodeo CANINE Competition. In this event, five teams competed to demonstrate advanced object recognition, search, and retrieval technologies through a series of six trials. Of the five teams competing, Neya was the only team to reach the 5th […]

  • 5/1/12 – Neya Systems Awarded RTC Contract

    Neya Systems was awarded an RTC Contract to develop and demonstrate advanced path planning and maneuver selection technologies for high speed off-road unmanned ground vehicles. The Adaptive & Modular Multi Terrain Mobility Planner (AM3P) is a set of planning and simulation technologies focused on addressing the use of high fidelity terrain and kinodynamic vehicle models […]

  • 3/1/12 – Neya Systems to Demonstrate Advanced Video Interfacing System

    Neya Systems will be demonstrating the Robotics Technology Consortium funded Digital Video Interfacing System (DVIS) at the 2012 NDIA Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference. DVIS is a “swiss army knife” for video interfacing and h.264 compression, and is a small, low-powered hardware solution to integrate USB, 1394b, CameraLink, HDMI, GigE, and NTSC cameras into your unmanned […]