A Look Inside Neya: An Intern’s Perspective

I had a four week internship at Neya Systems and it was my first experience in a professional work environment. I was expecting a cold, calculating office because I was going to be surrounded by computer engineers. It didn’t help that my freshman year roommate was a computer science major who chose not to participate in conversations with me. However, the environment and the people at Neya completely surprised me. Here is my perspective on Neya Systems.

Communication is Key
Communication is crucial in any kind of company. At Neya communication is so natural and comfortable, whether it’s from engineer to engineer or engineer to management, employees don’t have to waste time trying to get in touch. They are constantly asking each other questions and they will drop what they’re doing to help someone else who has a question. There were many times when I had to interrupt someone’s project, but they were always happy to help me. I was pleasantly surprised at how welcoming the office attitude was.

Best of Both Worlds
If anyone tries to argue that an office can’t have fun and be productive at the same time, I will point them in the direction of Neya. Employees are happy to be there and that’s what sets it apart from other companies; productivity yields an exciting environment to work in. The office was incredibly humorous but at the same time incredibly focused. If you walk into the office on a summer Friday during lunch, I’m sorry but you won’t find anyone at their desks. They’re all going to be out back grilling hamburgers, eating together, and flying small helicopters. If you come back an hour later, they will all be at their desks quietly working like nothing happened. AND if you come back two hours later, the entire company will be seated around Jimmy, participating in an innovation meeting where anyone can throw new ideas out in the open. In my opinion, that scenario is the best of both worlds.

The Internship
During my four weeks at Neya I learned more than I could have imagined. All my work was hands-on. I was given several specific projects, along with assisting anyone who needed help. My projects included researching, installing, and correcting a monitor inside a vehicle, creating and soldering a low pass filter, customizing an easy to use battery charger, corrective wiring on a vehicle, and fixing a 3D printer. Needless to say, through these projects I learned much more than I thought I ever would. I walked away from Neya with new and broad skills that would have been hard to acquire anywhere else considering the short duration. I know that future Neya interns will learn many new skills that will excite them.

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About the Author

Paul Babirak

Paul Babirak is a Sophomore at Grove City College, and is part of the Industrial Management Class of 2017. He spent a one month internship at Neya Systems in summer 2014.