• Another Example of Where “Fail Quickly” Would Have Helped

    I recently “completed” a home project that came right down to the wire.  This was a fairly unique project, in several respects.  For one, the project itself was to build an LED-laden helmet with sophisticated animation; something to resemble the helmets worn by the two members of the music group Daft Punk.  Another unique thing […]

  • Letter to a Young Roboticist

    (This letter is modeled after Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Letters to a Young Poet.”) A few weeks ago, I made the tough decision to leave Neya Systems to return to practicing law full time.  I was fortunate to have a unique role at the company where I was the company’s attorney, director of commercialization, and also […]

  • A Look Inside Neya: An Intern’s Perspective

    I had a four week internship at Neya Systems and it was my first experience in a professional work environment. I was expecting a cold, calculating office because I was going to be surrounded by computer engineers. It didn’t help that my freshman year roommate was a computer science major who chose not to participate […]

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    Six Lessons from Being a Bootstrapper

    Robotics is starting to attract venture capital at an accelerating rate. There is significant growth in VC investment on both coasts, and the equity markets are starting to take notice. RoboStox is a growing ETF that focuses on robotics companies. Accelerator programs are clamoring for robotics-based ventures. Seed funding, and even Round A funding, is […]

  • An Engineer’s Guide to Unit Testing – CMake And Boost Unit Tests

    All programmers have heard of unit testing. Countless blogs discuss the importance of unit testing and how all projects should use it. Paragraph after paragraph of abstract discussion, yet no concrete examples. This post is for engineers, a step by step, 5 minute guide on setting up Boost Unit Tests with a CMake project. We’re […]

  • Why Creativity Matters

    In an interesting, and somewhat controversial post, Paul Currant provided a list of reasons why creativity does not belong in the workplace. I read that article, and my immediate reaction was visceral disagreement. Of course you need creativity! However, his focus was really more on the importance of execution, and not sacrificing that solely for […]

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    Semantic Interoperability: Avoiding the Middle Ages

    This post will focus on semantic interoperability when an open architecture contains or interacts with multiple ontologies and conceptual data models. Before proceeding, a few definitions are in order. Semantics is the branch of linguistics concerned with the meaning of different speech forms including their nature, structure, content, and context.  In open architecture the term […]

  • Perspective on Neya: A Summer Internship

    I started at Neya on May 26th 2013 and today, August 9th 2013 is my last day. These past 11 weeks at Neya have been extremely educational, entertaining, and productive. In this post I will share some details of my internship. Hopefully, this will give a sense of the character and quality of Neya Systems. […]

  • Git-R-Done: Git Benefits & Helpful Tools

    This entry aims to be the first in a series of posts discussing version control software (VCS), related tools and effective work-flow. I apologize if you were looking for a write-up on the hit 2004 film Git-R-Done starring Larry the Cable Guy, but hopefully you’ll keep reading anyway! The focus will be on Git because, […]

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    Plotinus: The Inventor of Open Architecture?

    Ancient philosophy is gaining popularity – and attracting audacious statements. For example, did Aristotle ‘invent’ the U.S. Constitution? If Professor Steven B. Smith at Yale can ask that question, I can ask one of my own: did Plotinus invent ‘open architecture’? The answer depends on whether the ontology of open architecture owes a debt to […]

  • Legal Issues in Robotics: Open Source Software

    In the first of my series of posts on legal issues in robotics, I’m devoting time to talk about some of the legal issues specifically related to using open source software. This post, as well as my future posts, will use a more informal writing style than one would typically find in a legal journal […]

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    Why use a build server?

    This blog will focus on the why’s (and a cursory bit of how’s) of using a continuous integration system in robotics.  What is continuous integration?  Well, it encompasses a general set of principles and the idea that you can have automated builds and tests on your code base running behind the scenes. When I first […]