JAUS Toolset

Neya Systems is providing development and hosting support for the Open Source JAUS Toolset Software Development Kit. Our press release announcing Neya’s support for JTS is here.
  • What is JAUS

    JAUS is an acronym for “Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems.” The JAUS set of standards are published by the Society of Automotive Engineers, International. The JTS is made up of several tools that aid the distributed systems development process. All of the JTS tools are based on the SAE standard AS5684, JAUS Service Interface Definition Language (JSIDL).

  • What is JTS

    JTS is designed to support the modeling, analyzing, specifying, implementing, simulating and testing of protocols for distributed systems. It provides robotic system developers with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for designing standard JAUS SOA software. This reduces th learning curve for new organizations to begin using the Toolset. JTS automatically generates specification documents and source code based on service design. The generated code allows robot application developers to integrate their software into the design service architecture, without having to write any SOA layer code directly. Additionally, JTS enables validation of the user designs automatically within its GUI, to ensure the resulting services will be interoperable and produce the desired system behavior.

  • JTS License

    The base version of JTS is released under the open source BSD license, and will always remain free and open source. The JAUS Standards are available from the SAE. Other packages distributed with JTS may have different licenses, but are either BSD or apache-style licenses.