UxSDK™ Middleware

UxSDK™ for UCS supports multiple communications middleware technologies. The middleware and language are selected at interface code generation time. The list of currently tested and supported middleware/language options is provided below.

Data Distribution Services for Real-Time Systems (DDS)

DDS is the Object Management Group (OMG) middleware standard that supports publish-subscribe communications for real-time and embedded systems. It is a popular middleware standard for communication between critical UCS services

DDS introduces a virtual Global Data Space where applications can share information by reading and writing data-objects addressed by an application-defined name (Topic) and a key. DDS allows control of QoS parameters, including reliability, bandwidth, delivery deadlines, and resource limits. DDS also supports the construction of local object models on top of the Global Data Space.

DDS is one of the recommended data transport standards in the UCS Architecture Core Application Programming Interface Standards document (UCS-STD-CAPIS). CAPIS recommends the DISA DISR mandated Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems Version 1.2, including the DDS Interoperability Wire Protocol (DDSI) Version 2.0.

UxSDK™ for UCS currently supports the following DDS middleware vendor solutions.

  • RTI Connext DSS Software

    Official tested version: 5.0 (Java, C++)

  • PRISMTECH OpenSplice|DDS

    Official tested version: 6.3 (Java)

  • Twin Oaks CoreDX DDS

    Official tested version 3.5.16 (C++)