UxStreamer™ – Real-time Video Streaming

  • UxStreamer™
    is a Digital Video and Imaging System that combines COTS and custom technology with SAE AS-4 compliant video control interfaces. This makes UxStreamer™ an open and modular video/image acquisition, transmission and distribution system that is SWaP-compatible with a wide range of unmanned platforms.

UxStreamer™ allows a systems integrator to interface with a wide variety of digital and analog EOIR sensors to SUGV or larger platforms. UxStreamer™ accepts video from NTSC, USB, Firewire, CameraLink, HDMI and Gigabit Ethernet at up to 1080p HD resolution at 30Hz. This video is converted to H.264 (Baseline Profile) in real-time, with less than 100ms to-network latency. Video is provided over RTP/RTSP, with optional JAUS channel interfaces that support the AEODRS Video Capability Module specification or the RS-JPO Interoperability Profile (software selectable).

Key Features

UxStreamer™ Key Features

  • Real-time Conversion of HD Digital and Analog Video Streams to H.264
  • Video Output over RTP/RTSP
  • Supports AEODRS and RS-JPO IOP Interfaces
  • Onboard DSP for Real-Time Video Processing
  • Support for MEMS IMU for image stabilization and Pan/Tilt Interfaces
  • Less than 15W Power Consumption
  • Designed for Easy Integration into Small Unmanned Systems


UxStreamer™ Specifications

  • Video Input Formats
    Video Output Formats
    Conversion Performance
    Standards Support
    Software Base
    Additional Interfaces

  • NTSC (x2), USB, Firewire (1394B), CameraLink, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet
    H.264 Baseline Profile over RTP or RTSP
    Hardware accelerated H.264 conversion; 30fps @ 1080p most inputs
    Less than 100ms to-network
    Less than 15W (with TI 8168 CPU)
    Selectable between AEODRS JAUS or RS-JPO IOP
    GStreamer, for ease of custom plug-in development
    Enclosure: 5” x 5” x 4”; Board: 4” x 3” x 1.45” (OEM)
    RS-232, SPI, Gigabit Ethernet (x2)
    TI DaVinci 8168

Pricing and Availability

UxStreamer™ Pricing and Availability

For pricing and availability information, please contact sales@neyasystems.com.


UxStreamer™ Downloads

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