Why jMatter Was Chosen for JTS

jMatter is a software framework that implements the infrastructure of the typical application that requires CRUD (create, read, update and delete), persistence and search. The framework is built around speed and agility for the developer and the end user of the application. An application can be built very quickly with minimal coding, and if needed, the framework can be extended efficiently to adapt to changing user needs. The features implemented in jMatter allow users to complete their tasks quickly and with ease. The end result is a powerful combination of large time savings and enormous flexibility for both the developer and the end user.

jMatter satisfied the initial set of requirements that were set forth for JTS. These requirements were,

1. Reuse of an open source software framework that is well written, actively being supported and stable. This was an important requirement for JTS given the short time frame in which JTS had to be developed.

2. Software must be based on strong fundamentals. This was also an important requirement since a strong foundation will have a lasting effect on the entire life of the application. jMatter is built using a powerful software methodology called Model Driven Development. The quality of this methodology is akin to the methodologies followed in most other engineering disciplines where the creation of an object begins with a formal design and process. For example, a Civil Engineer constructs a building from a blue print. The blue print tightly relates the building to an underlying model that gives the building (structural) meaning and thereby makes the model relevant mainly from the perspective of formal reasoning about the building.

3. Implements the model-view-controller pattern. This makes it very easy to change the model, view or controller components to adapt to changing user needs.

4. Reuse of existing service specifications. jMatter is integrated with a lightweight, yet powerful back-end database system that encourages the reuse of existing specifications.

5. User-friendly front-end features. jMatter comes with front-end tools for making powerful queries to the database and other useful UI features like dragn’drop, copy-paste etc.

6. Comes with a basic UI that is extensible. The jMatter UI is highly extensible.

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